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Power 10-35 W
Luminous flux 800-3675 Lm
Light color 3000-4000 K

Available Options

QBBI-10903010 W 800 lm White 3000K 90mm 90mm 90mm37.00
QBBI-10904010 W 800 lm White 4000K 90mm 90mm 90mm37.00
QBNE-10903010 W 800 lm Black 3000K 90mm 90mm 90mm37.00
QBNE-10904010 W 800 lm Black 4000K 90mm 90mm 90mm37.00
QBBI-151123015 W 1.350 lm White 3000K 112mm 123mm 112mm 62.00
QBBI-151124015 W 1.350 lm White 4000K 112mm 123mm 112mm62.00
QBNE-151123015 W 1.350 lm Black 3000K 112mm 123mm 112mm62.00
QBNE-151124015 W 1.350 lm Black 4000K 112mm 123mm 112mm62.00
QBBI-251313025 W 2.500 lm White 3000K 131mm 134mm 131mm 89.00
QBBI-251314025 W 2.500 lm White 4000K 131mm 134mm 131mm89.00
QBNE-251313025 W 2.500 lm Black 3000K 131mm 134mm 131mm89.00
QBNE-251314025 W 2.500 lm Black 4000K 131mm 134mm 131mm89.00
QBBI-351613035 W 3.675 lm White 3000K 161mm 164mm 161mm118.00
QBBI-351614035 W 3.675 lm White 4000K 161mm 164mm 161mm118.00
QBNE-351613035 W 3.675 lm Black 3000K 161mm 164mm 161mm118.00
QBNE-351614035 W 3.675 lm Black 4000K 161mm 164mm 161mm118.00

Rondò, Stylo and Qube are modern expressions of functionality and design. Combine their shapes to achieve maximum style. Made of scratch-resistant epoxy powder coated aluminum, in white or black color.

General characteristics
Item number QBBI-109030
EAN code 9090171016017
Technology LED
Height 90 mm
Length 90 mm
Width 90 mm
Thickness 90 mm
Net weight 395 gr
Package Color Box
Gross weight 440 gr
Master Carton 24 pz
Inner Carton 6 pz
Technical features
Effective power 10 W
Equivalent power 20W CFL
Output luminous flux 800 Lm
Flux measurement angle 360°
Light color 3000 K
Beam opening 45°
Color rendition (CRI) 80
Dimmable N
Light Sensor N
Voltage 100-240 V/AC
Other characteristics
Warranty years 2
Power factor 0,50
Hertz 50/60 Hz
Current consumption 70 mA
Duration 30000 h
Ignition cycles 15000
Operating temperature -10 +45 °C
Isolation Class I
Degree of protection IP20


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